Simple Azure Storage Queue Monitor

If you need to monitor the length of a queue in Azure, you can use the Azure PowerShell CmdLets to help you out.

Below is a sample ticker script that uses the Azure CmdLets (so make sure you have them installed) and it polls the configured queue every 10 seconds. 

clear Import-Module Azure $cert = Get-Item cert:\currentuser\my\<cert thumprint> # management cert $subID = "<subscription ID>" # Subcription ID $storageAccount = "<storage account>" # storage account where queue lives $queueName = "<queueName>" # Queue you're interested in $interval = 10 # Time between ticks Set-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionID $subid -Certificate $cert ` -SubscriptionName "CurrentSubscription" ` -CurrentStorageAccount $storageAccount Select-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName "CurrentSubscription" # do forever loop do { # measure how long it takes to run the command $timeTaken = Measure-Command{ # get the queue info $queueInfo1 = Get-AzureStorageQueue -Name $queueName # write it to screen Write-Host (Get-Date) $queueInfo1.ApproximateMessageCount } # take the time take to run command off the interval time $totalTimeToWait = New-TimeSpan -Seconds $interval $timeToWait = $totalTimeToWait - $timeTaken # go to sleep sleep ($timeToWait.TotalSeconds) }while($true)


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